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What Will Raises Be Like This Year?

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I think that the majority of the American public has grown used to anemic, or nonexistent raises since the recession “officially” began in 2008, but I think also that a lot of people are starting to become restless about that fact and wondering when companies are stop going to […]

The One Good Thing About the Economy :Ridiculous Sales!

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The only silver lining, and I mean probably really the ONLY silver lining about how this economy is going right now, is that there are some really fantastic sales everywhere you look. Want to go clothes chopping? There’s always sales! Wanna fix your house up? There are even dirt […]

No Cost Of Living Social Security Increase

This is fantastic news, as usual (yes, being facetious), about the economy and the people that have to deal with it every day, have paid their dues, and are now getting the shaft by our federal government, because THEY spent wildly and are now looking for ways to cut back. The people who have […]

Government Adds to Jobs Woes – Great

So I was shocked to learn a few weeks ago that the government was actually the largest contributor to the continuously deteriorating jobs market. Aren’t they supposed to be trying to help the situation? What’s even worse is that I heard the stock market went up that same day that this awful news – […]

When Will Credit Card Spending Come Back?

One of the reasons that US economy is faltering so badly is that consumers are still holding on to their pocketbooks, and hence their credit cards, like it’s the end of 2008 when the recession was just becoming apparent to us “normal citizens”. More people are reportedly saving, although you’d never know it by […]

College Tuition Unaffordable Part II

And, to continue my last ranting and raving about the cost of college, let’s pick up where we left on on the problems facing students trying to go to college today.

Financial aid is not keeping pace with the increase in cost either, which is causing an even bigger rift between the cost […]

College Becoming Totally Unaffordable?

One of the many things I see as changing lately that is not comforting at all, in fact it’s downright distressing to me personally, is that teenagers coming out of high school can almost no longer afford the enormous tuitions of the larger colleges out there. If it’s Ivy Leagure, it’s almost cost prohibitive […]

“Wall Street” Sequel Strikes a Cord

The sequel to the very popular, iconic movie about greed and capitalism in the eighties, Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” has released this past weekend to lukewarm reviews, but a good audience turnout for the subject matter. The reasons for the turnout are probably a mixture between the times we are living in and the […]

Cohabitating to Save Money Before Marriage?

More and more people are living together before they get married. I know that there are still some hard core old fashioned people out there who might find premarital cohabitation sinful in some way, but let’s face it, we live in hard times, and if you are together all the time or a great […]

Online Taxes : Now This is Getting Ridiculous

I must say that the American economic stance is really starting to irritate me. Politicians who have no business planning experience whatsoever are deciding vital facets of how the American economy will shape itself over the next several decades, and how American people’s money is spent.

And what are the real consequences for […]