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It’s Black Friday – Get Your Shopping Shoes On!

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So here we are already. I feel like I just typed up a story about Black Friday, and here we are again, facing one of the biggest holiday shopping days of the year! Today is the all too American dubbed famous “Black Friday” where stores across the country apparently […]

Happy Thanksgiving One and All!

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Hello. Before my hubby and I head out the door to our traditional family gathering in Pennsylvania, which is about an hour drive from where we live here in Ohio, I wanted to wish my wonderful readers a Great Thanksgiving.

This is the time of year for which we […]

Looks Like This Whole Month Has Been Full of Holiday Deals!

The end of November is notorious for one of the biggest shopping days of the year – termed “black Friday” because it is supposedly the day that most retailers go in the black instead of being in the red for most of the year round before the holidays hit. I used to think it […]

Tired of Cryptic Financial Headlines?

Are you as tired of these cryptic financial headlines as I am? It’s actually disturbing that our media collectively takes part in such hysteria and negativity, I must say. Not only are a lot of these headlines, in my opinion, over blown and downright alarmist, but many of them are completely contradictory. One day […]

New Credit Card Laws Have Creditors Sending Lots of Notices

I was wondering why suddenly I was getting notices from creditors (from credit card companies) that I hadn’t actually used in years. One prominent credit card company, which used to advertise how ridiculously low their APR’s were in a notoriously clever string of ads that seemed to piddle away a little while ago actually […]

Is Entitlement Going to Drag Housing Market Even Lower?

I heard a story this morning on the radio, on WNPR, which I love listening to because they actually tell you real news, not all celebrity stuff (which admittedly is fun once in a while, but hardly newsworthy). It was about how many people are trying to do what’s called “strategic default” on their […]

New High Tech Credit Cards Soon?

In this day and age of everything becoming smaller and smaller, and yet smaller, it’s no surprise that those once-considered high tech magnetic strips on the back of your credit cards, are going to soon be slowly replaced by other high tech tracking devices. These new strips will be able to track a lot […]

Poor More Impacted by Recession than Rich?

This is not great news for those of us who are middle incomes and in the poverty level status when it comes to finances, during the recession which officially was recognized in 2008 as being a serious problem. Graphs by the IRS and information provided by them show that it’s those of us on […]

Mortgages Harder to Get Than Ever?

We were extremely lucky, buying our house when we did in early 2007, before the mortgage mess exploded and our economy took a big you know what. Back then, the rules were almost dramatically different than they are now as far as getting approved for mortgages and even getting the pre-approval necessary to be […]