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Unemployment Rates No Surprise?

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Well, every economist on the planet pretty much agrees that the specter of the unemployment rate not changing by the end of this year is not a surprise at all. Many economists predicted slow economic growth because of the number of factors against the economy.

Not only that, but […]

When Will Home Prices Bounce Back Completely?

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There has been a lot of of talk about home prices, and how you can buy homes that were previously expensive for a dirt cheap price now. There has also been a lot of talk, along the same vein, that people are leaving their homes on purpose.

This […]

More Workers Calling in Sick Because they Hate Jobs?

Apparently, this whole recession business has a lot of people staying in jobs that they really don’t like because they are afraid that there will not be any other jobs out there, thanks to the current job shortage.

This translates into serious job dissatisfaction, and has also elevated the amount of sick days […]

Does Christmas Cause Money Anxiety For Most?

I absolutely love the holiday season. There’s something about it for me that harkens back to a happier, more carefree and clueless time for me.

It was a time when (I thought) my parents were happy with eachother, I got to still pretend there was a Santa Claus for my little sister, and […]

Part Timers Still Needing More Hours

The story seems to be the same everywhere you turn. There are a lot of part time workers here in the US that are working part time not out of a need to be closer to family or anything constructive, but because companies cannot hire them on full time.

Paying for full time workers […]

How’s Our Retirement Savings Going?

Well, we all pretty much took a huge hit to our 401k’s, collectively, when the 2008 crash hit the stock market. And the subsequent months looked horribly dismal as well, shrinking people’s 401k investments by the most money in recent memorable history .The worst since the Great Depression in fact.

The huge mistake that […]

Are You Ignoring Your Financial Woes?

Apparently ignorance is bliss when it comes to ignoring your financial burdens when they just seem to be insurmountable and unrealistic for the kind of money you’re bringing in and what kind of savings you might have stashed away for such emergencies that come up in everyone’s life.

Surveys and studies done have […]

Black Friday Spoils?

Pardon me for being a bit late on the take on this one, but I was wondering what were the spoils of Black Friday a couple days ago? My husband and I ventured out, but not for very long. We went only to a few select stores, one of them the always-busy around the […]