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Why So Many Lottery Winners Go Bust

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It’s amazing when you read some of the stories of how lottery winners, literally some of the luckiest people on the world since the odds are so low that you will ever win anything, least of all the mega millions jackpot, actually end up broke or claiming bankruptcy due […]

Maxing Out Credit Cards Bad for FICO Score

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I read a really interesting column the other day about a guy who was only on social security, a small amount to live on monthly, and he was essentially asking how he can strategically default on his credit cards after maxing them out.

He would “strategically default” on […]

Baby Boomers and Retirement

A variety of factors indicate that baby boomers will face major financial difficulty for their retirement years. This will have a signifigant impact on our economy due to the vast number of baby boomers turning 65 in our immediate future.

Over 10 thousand baby boomers will turn 65 per day after this new […]

Jobs Picking Up : But Overseas?

Well, if this isn’t enough to make you wring your hands in frustration over the US and it’s fiscal policies that make it very appealing for major corporations to hire people overseas instead of right here in the US, where people are desperate for good work, I don’t know what will.

Apparently hiring has […]

Financial Infidelity : Are You Guilty?

When it comes to finances between a married couple, or just a couple who is cohabitating for a long period of time and shares expenses, it really does come down to a matter of trust and mutual respect.

My husband and I try to really keep the lines of communication open when it […]

College Student Loan Debt Continued

Here are those promised tips from the last post on how to help reduce the amount of money you have to take out in student loans.

Many students have the equivalent of a mortgage in student loans when they graduate. If they went to a fancy private school and financed it mostly through loans, […]

Millions of College Students Will Be Stuck in Big Debt

Student loans seem like the easiest thing to do when you’re trying to figure out how to pay for the increasingly cost prohibitive furthering of your education.

There’s a lot of hypocrisy going on now when it comes to college, because government’s big aim is to educate our youth.

They want to do […]

Happy New YEAR!!!!

Well, I can’t believe it, just like most people can’t, that we are already headlong into a new year. This year FLEW by. With the improving economy and outlooks getting a little brighter for 2011, let’s make this a great one.

I really have a great feeling about where we are headed as a […]