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How Expensive are Kids?

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My husband and I do not have children. We’re probably not going to have them, at least that’s been the decision thus far, for personal reasons and primarily because we are both career driven and feel that we might not be able to give a child the attention it […]

Why is National Debt Our Problem?

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It really seems unfair, this whole thing about the American public bailing out the banks and essentially bailing out all the irresponsible loan holders that bailed on their mortgages as well. But that’s how our capitalism-based system works.

I still love living here, and I’m still glad I […]

The New Financial Reality for Many

With this economic downturn, which as you’ve heard over and over again, probably at nauseum, we’ve seen a lot of bad things come out of it. However, to look at the silver lining, there are actually also some great things that have come out as well. Not for the economy as a whole in […]

Dealership Offering You a Trade in On that Paid Off Car?

I have a Honda, which I absolutely love.It’s a Honda CRV, the smaller of their two SUV offerings out of the Pilot and the CRV. I don’t absolutely love their newer more sleek model of this car that came out after 2005, when I bought mine brand new, but I love the older, boxier […]

Good and Bad News in Economy, Finance

Well, I have two different stories to share that I feel represent both a good and bad scenario for the US economy and the outlook for all of us who have struggled together through these rough times.

Whether you lost a job, can’t find a job, have been worried about losing your job, […]

New Tax Page for Tax Time

We’ve added a new page on tax credits and deductions to look for in the 2011 tax season for the 2010 tax year. The requirements are always changing, and the US tax code is, as it has always been, very complex, so it’s important to double check any deductions or credits that you were […]

Tired of Zillow Telling You Your Value Declined?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really tired of receiving all those emails from Zillow, the online housing appraisal and property information super site telling me that my home has, once again, dropped in value.

I know that it may not even be accurate, but it adds to the stress […]