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Gas Rewards the Way to Go with Prices Skyrocketing?

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Gas reward credit cards are immensely popular already. They may actually be third behind travelling rewards card like airline miles credit cards and generall, all purpose rewards cards, which give you money back for your purchases, or points toward a preselected “store” of goods.

With the price of gasoline […]

Jobs for Teens to Be Scarce Again

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And to think that I took my junk jobs at Dairy Queen and Burger King for granted when I was a teenager…teens today are having a rough go of it in the job market – even rougher than their adult counterparts, to boot.

With the economic conditions as they […]

30 Year Mortgage Going Away?

There has been a lot of talk about how the current mortgage and housing crisis is going to affect the future of home buying for all Americans who still want a slice of the American dream, but cannot afford the huge monthly sums that are often required of a mortgage that is shorter than […]

People’s Net Worth Increasing Here?

In a surprise report, apparently, even though we are still experiencing the effects of a long and protracted recession here in the US, a nd the jobless rate seems to be unmovable, citizens, as well as companies, are stockpiling cash and increasing their net worth.

The problem with companies doing this though, is that […]

Are You Happy with Your Job?

It seems the job unhappiness is a rapidly spreading problem today. It’s no wonder though. With the current jobs market, even if people are totally unhappy and unfulfilled at their current jobs or careers, they feel “trapped” into them because they feel like there are really no better options out there today.

And often […]

Are There Secondary Mortgages Any More?

When we bought our home, which incidentally was only two years before the Great Recession hit, and lenders really tightened their lending capabilities and generosity, there was still such a thing as buying a home with no down payment. These zero down pay options are virtually eliminated with the way the market is today […]

New Page : Applying for Credit Cards

Applying for credit cards should be done on a very selective basis. Creditors actually don’t like to see that you’ve applied to a lot of different credit cards, or for a lot of other types of credit, like a loan, within a small time period.

Sometimes they view this as a sign of […]

Credit Card Consolidation Loans : Things to Know

Things to know about Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan

If you are suffering under the weight of multiple credit card debts, then you should con-sider from various debt solutions a solution that may provide you relief from the situation.

If you are being able to pay the minimum amount on all credit cards but […]

Financial Hurdles of Tomorrow

Most people, no matter what walk of life you come from, are facing some difficult times right now. Whether you know friends or family who have lost their jobs, reduced their pay, cut hours, or had to move away just to get another job, this country’s great financial fall as of the last 3 […]

Middle Class Incomes in Danger?

The recent economic meltdown has brought with it a bevy of sea changes in the way we live, our future outlook, and the world of consumer goods and services and how they do business here in America. Why? Because the consumers themselves have changed, and companies have changed their business models.

One very disturbing […]