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Home Ownership Not an Asset? WHAT!?

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A lot of people have been saying, with the downfall of the housing market (temporary, not permanent, mind you), that owning a home has become more of a liability than an asset. What they don’t consider is that it is still an investment. The definition of an investment is […]

Debit Cards Taking Rewards Programs Away?

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I don’t know what I would do without my awesome United Visa debit card rewards. The $75 a year fee makes it well worth it for me, especially since I use my debit card for just about everything and shy away from using cash.

It allows me to […]

Americans Tired of Being Thrifty?

Well, if there’s anything good to be said about the American mentality on shopping, spending, and enjoying their hard earned money, it’s that this mentality has turned the US into the biggest capitalist society on earth. Essentially, consumerism has made America the land of opportunity.

That, and it’s enabling sense toward small business and […]

Credit Score Websites in Trouble?

I read an interesting article headline the other day that just made me have to read the article in its entirety. Good headlining, I’d say! It was something about “are credit score websites committing fraud” or something to that effect, so I figured I would check since I have checked my free credit score […]

Cars and Down Payments : Get that Low Monthly Payment!

My husband and I are of the same mentality when it comes to the vehicles in our household. We run them into the ground. We are definitely not the type of people who need to get a fancy new car every time we get tired of the one we have.

We also are not […]

Home Shows Make You Realize….

I’m a really big fan of HGTV, as I believe I’ve mentioned before. I watch it a lot, and I record a lot of their shows to watch while I’m eating lunch on the weekends. My husband and I both really enjoy watching a couple of their shows, including “My House is Worth What” […]

Jobs Finally Really Accelerating?

This is the news that we’ve all been waiting to hear. Not more of this pseudo good news like “jobless claims god down” or “less peopel claim unemployment than anticipated”. That’s not good news, that’s just saying things haven’t gotten WORSE, not that they are actually, actively getting better.

After all, jobs are what […]

New : Prime Credit Cards

We have created a new information page where you can find out what the prime rate is, what it means for you and your credit card bill, and how you can research what the going prime rate is and how to get it on a card that you want to use for personal or […]

How Much of Your Gas is Taxes?

I was stunned when I learned how much, per gallon, you can actually be paying toward taxes, instead of the actual gas itself. It’s particularly disgusting to read how much people in places like California, which currently has the biggest budget crisis of all, have to pay in gasoline taxes.

People in California currently […]