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Just Bought “Aftershock” Book

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So I’m one of the suckers that got roped into buying the book that some consider to be fear mongering at its worst called “Aftershock Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown” by the authors Robert and David Wiedemer and Cindy Spitzer.

Well, I didn’t […]

Why So Many “Numbers” Are Misleading

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I find it interesting that the media, and the various organizations that are the number crunchers, like economists, federal employees who put out statistics for the government, and banks, use the numbers that they do to report various happenings in the economic landscape.

First of all, the numbers that […]

Second Recession Still a Possibility?

The headlines these days are so dang confusing. What are you supposed to believe? That our country is going down in flames or that it’s all really overblown, and the media is hyping our problems up too much?

While I certainly agree that the media are too much of a fear hound the majority […]

Smart Phones Allow You To Find Great Deals

I love having a smartphone. I think it has actually helped me to improve my financial situation in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it allows me to easily monitor things for my business.

In addition to holding my 9-5 job, I also run a business on the sideline which relies a […]

High Anxiety Over Today’s Stock Market Activity

Today is the day. Is the stock market going to respond wildly to the previous downgrade of US debt and credit rating by Standard and Poors rating agency? Or is this going to be a case of everyone crying wolf, and the markets may seem to tank a bit in the morning, only to […]

Can Recession Push Retirement Out Years?

It’s a sad statement, but a recession, for several different reasons, can push people’s hard earned retirement out years.

Depending on the combination of events that happe to that person and their family, it can push their retirement goals out by anywhere from a few years, to five to even ten or more […]

Second Half of 2011 Any Better?

It seems that we are at a stalemate in the “recovery” that economists have been so insistent we are still experiencing. Sure, they admit that this recovery has slowed down, but when are we going to come to the conclusion that the recovery itself is an illusion put forth by all the government spending […]