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Is There Such a Thing as “Recession Proof” Business?

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The term “recession proof” has become quite the buzzword in light of the new economic reality Americans are seeing themselves in today. I just read a story that hospitalizations for dirt-eating are on the rise, which does not say a heck of a lot of good things about the […]

Now the Post Office?

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Sheesh, it really does seem like every day you look at the news, you see a new industry that has come under the burden of a flagging financial system. It was the car industry, the banking industry and the housing industry just a couple years ago that started it […]

The Bigger is Better Generation

I hate to say it, especially since my husband and I bought a 3,000 square foot home five years ago, moving up from a tiny apartment, but I think part of America’s economic problem now is the thought that bigger is better when it comes to just about everything.

This especially goes for American […]

What is the Future of the Credit Card?

Some people are saying that now, with all the smart phones out there, and the fact that so many people who don’t have them are switching with free upgrades now offered from many phone companies, the credit card may soon be a thing of the past.

There are actually a lot of things the […]

Finally, Bernanke Delivers Message that Makes Sense

I was anxiously awaiting the speech that our federal chairman was going to deliver two fridays ago. I awaited it because I was hoping to NOT hear what some others were undoubtedly hoping to hear. I didn’t want to hear that the Fed was going to try to do anything else to boost the […]

Business Credit Card Got Hacked….

Oy. I swear, when you do a lot of business with a lot of vendors and individuals online for your business, it tends to be a high risk for getting your credit card hacked and used by fraudsters that could be anywhere inside or outside of the US.

I’ve been compromised – again. My […]