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How Long Will Companies Stall Raises?

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It seems like there are quite a few things going on today that make it the perfect storm for those of us that are in the working class, like me. I’ve worked for the same large corporation for over a decade now, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to […]

Banks Stepping Up Foreclosure Process Again

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In a move that has many homeowners hanging on by a thread worried, banks are now finally getting through their months or sometimes years of backlogs, and are beginning the dreaded foreclosure process again. This means that people will be thrown out of their homes who previously had a […]

Has Paying Off Mortgage Earlier Become More Desirable Now?

The whole debate over whether paying off your mortgage early or not has been debated exhaustively. I honestly think that the answer depends on too many variables to be able to give everyone the same blanket statement of yes or no on whether they should try to do this.

For one thing, it depends […]

More Single Women Saying They’re Not Ready for Retirement

Apparently the idea that this whole financial fiasco has been primarily a “mancession” is somewhat of a misnomer. Surveys and research has shown that single women who are of the baby boomer generation are saying that they once thought they would be able to retire, but now do not think they can retire.

This […]

The World Without Steve Jobs

I, like so many other millions of Americans and people across the seas, felt really terrible when I heard that one of the great innovators of our time, Steve Jobs had passed away last week. I think we all felt that we sort of knew him a little. He had that kind of air […]

Are Ridiculous Deals Hurting Our Economy Even More?

With the immense popularity of such programs as Groupon, Living Social Daily Deals, and other local extreme coupons offering 50% off or more on meals at restaurants, haircuts, entertainment and more, it’s no wonder people are expecting too much for too little.

Are these “extreme couponing” sites and methods really hurting the economy and […]

We Got an Escrow Shortage Notice Grrr…..

I really hate unected bills. Especially those that exceed $500, as the lovely escrow shortage notice we just got in the mail for our taxes and insurance bill for our mortgage. I would really love if, just for one friggin year, our mortgage company would figure our estimates out correctly.

Or, even better, if […]