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Record Number of People Unhappy at Work?

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With the economy constantly teetering on the edge of destruction over the past few years, Americans are really struggling with something they’re not used to. An inability to have a wide range of choices when it comes to their employment, and the terms under which they are employed.

The […]

Happy Thanksgiving to My Readers!

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Hey everyone, wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving before we are off to our family’s in Pennsylvania for some good old fashioned turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and the whole nine yards!

Sure, it’s the most expensive year in 25 years to buy the whole shbang according to news reports, […]

Frugal is the New “Cool”

Being frugal with your finances used to be considered boring and old fashioned. In the age of excess and carefree spending as well as easy credit (albeit many times high interest revolving credit), freewheeling spending was a way of life. All that excess created a booming economy, that’s for sure.

It also created something […]

Is China Becoming the New World Power?

The recent actions, news and happenings over the past couple of years have some questioning whether China will become the leading new world power. Why? Because they basically have that control over the world’s money right now.

With so many other governments hurting for money, and countries coming to them left and right for […]

Major Credit Card Companies Toying with Tracking Buying Behavior

As credit card companies are faced with fewer options for making big profits off of their customers, often at the customer’s expense if they are ignorant of the fees they can be charged, they are exploring new ways to gain profit.

Having a list of customers can be very lucrative, no matter what your […]

Financial News : Debit Card Fees and Crazy Stock Surges

There’s a lot of news in the financial arena as of late. Some of it is good, and of course some of it is not so good, or at least not very hopeful. One of the biggest stories is the big stock market rally that occurred surprisingly at the end of October.

It […]

Is Underwater Refinancing Going to Help with Anything?

I’m sitting here, reading about the latest move from the Obama administration in an effort to ease some fo the pain felt by home owners. When I read that this plan might help people with their housing problem, I thought maybe it meant helping families to avoid foreclosure.

That made the most sense in […]