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Watch Out for Balance Transfer Fees

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Balance transfer credit cards or even consolidation loans can be a wonderful, wonderful thing. But they are only truly a wonderful deal if you know, as a consumer, what to avoid and what to look for in the balance transfer deals you get from various financial institutions and credit […]

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Hello all my dear PRC readers! I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We appreciate you standing by and reading us all these years and hope to increase our user participation in the next year. There’s a lot going on in […]

People Driving Cars Until They Die Now

I was absolutely amazed when a car salesman told my husband and I about how much the production of new cars had fallen off of a cliff after the infamous 2008 stock market plunge and the ensuing financial chaos that we now know of as our “new normal”.

He said that the production of […]

Is Gold a Good Hedge Against Economic Collapse?

I tried to find a clear cut answer to this on the internet, and was met with a couple brick walls. It seems the most safe bet against the dollar weakening and against any case of economic collapse, buying actual, physical gold boullion of coins is your safest bet.

ETF’s for gold and other […]

Ways to Beat the Other Applicants in Job Interviews, Applications

There are thousands upon thousands of people out of work still today here in the US. Many of them have been out of work so long they fear that the mere fact they’ve been out of work makes them a candidate for shunning from prospective hiring companies.

In fact, there has actually been […]

The Oxymorons in This Economy

What I am finding personally about all of this economic turmoil and sky if falling type of news is that it’s hard to know which way is up, down, or sideways. Every day I read the financial news in one way or another. And every day I am more and more confused about the […]

New Info : Popular Credit Cards Today

We’ve put together a page on the most popular credit cards today as we know them. I’ve written a lot about changing legislation and how it has impacted not only debit cards, but also credit cards and the way these credit card companies have had to switch their business models around a bit.

It’s […]

How to Avoid Over Spending This Holiday on Gifts

We all do it. That last minute scramble to see if we feel like we shorted Uncle Joe, Aunt Sue, or mom and dad on gifts this holiday season. Then we inevitably go out to the stores for one more last “guilt shop” to get some more gifts for those whose gift piles don’t […]

Black Friday Getting Out of Hand

A lot of backlash is occurring over the stores going a bit too far this past Black Friday. As you know, Black Friday got its name because the holiday season, and that shopping day after Thanksgiving in particular, are the times when stores typically get “in the black” and out of the red, since […]