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Will Your Home Go Up or Down More in Value in 2012?

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It’s tough to say for sure, but it’s unfortunately looking more and more like home prices will continue their free fall in 2012. This is a really hard pill to swallow for Americans, including myself and my husband, who have seen the price of our home do nothing but […]

Is it Worth it to Have a Side Business for Extra Income?

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In a word, yes. It is totally worth it to have a side business for extra income as opposed to another typical job where you are working and getting taxes taken out on a weekly basis. It makes more sense to have a small side business in addition to […]

Jobless Reports Fail to Improve Market

The stock market seems to be especially susceptible to the headlines for the past two years. Ever since the big US economic meltdown which started in 2008 (or at least made itself known then), the stock market seems to be the most volatile I’ve ever seen.

Granted, I haven’t been on this earth all […]

50k a Year Is Not What It Used to Be

It’s so funny how a mere five to ten years can dramatically change your perspective. Well, let’s add in there that a large chunk of perspective when it comes to money and how much things cost and how far a certain amount of money per year is gonna get you, has a lot to […]

Experts Say Things Get Better in 2012, Will They?

I’ve got to admit, even though I am the eternal skeptic when some expert comes forward and says that this mess we are in is going to get better when every piece of financial data here and around the world flies in the face of that assumption, I have to take pause.

It’s healthy […]

Fear of Economic Collapse Justified?

It seems that more and more Americans are fearful of an impending economic collapse as new problems present themselves to our already weakened infrastructure. Are these fears justified? Or is it more a part of an increasing hysteria due to increased amounts of bad news coming out of the media as it relates to […]

What Does 2012 Hold for Your Personal Finances?

I’ve read a great deal of very interesting literature this year on where the economy is going, how to insulate yourself from any incoming torpedoes coming our way in this delicate financial system, and also on how to individually improve your own credit score as well as your overall financial situation.

By far the scariest […]

What a Year It’s Been….

Happy New Year PRC Readers! And what a year 2011 was. Sorry I’m a little late in wishing you a happy new year, but as you know, the holidays can be crazy, and you don’t exactly get to relax as the songs say and enjoy family.

Instead, you’re usually worried about shorting people presents, […]