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Does the “Law of Attraction” Work for Financial Abundance?

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This is part I of a II part article series I wrote that is very near and dear to my heart, because I’ve seen touches of this theme in my life countless times when it comes to my financial prosperity and financial “well being”.  Enjoy!

It seems like everywhere you […]

Starbucks Helps Out Small Business Owners

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Gosh, I wish I would have bought Starbucks stock back when it was in the toilet a couple years back. I think at it’s lowest I could have gotten it for a paltry $10 a share. Well, the uber coffee company keeps changing the game and adapting, and has […]

Is Romney an Out of Touch Billionaire?

As I get older, I find myself aligning more with the Republican party for their more conservative fiscal and financial outlook.  I find myself less liberal with the ways that federal tax money is spent. I feel like America right now encourages too many people to not work, and I want to change that.


How Smart Phones Have Changed the Game for Retailers

We live in an age of extremely competitive pricing wars from the retailers we frequent. It’s not always a great thing for the retailers, and for business in general, but we are now fully engulfed in a “we have it cheaper” mentality which Groupon is partly to blame for, and all the other hundreds […]

How to Use Credit Cards Properly

Credit cards can be great. They were created for a reason. That reason was not to put us all in blind debt by spending money on things that we knowingly couldn’t pay off in a reasonable amount of time or spend money we simply did not have.  Of course, some creditors like it this […]

Jobs Report Good News for Americans

We’ve finally gotten some good news in the form of jobs reports that actually seem like the economy may be digging itself out slowly from the economic turmoil that has emblazoned a path through the last several years of our lives.  This time, it feels good and right, except it’s a little suspicious that […]

Is Gold a Good Long Term Investment?

Gold has been all the talk lately when it comes to where to put your money as a “safe haven” against all the craziness that’s going on in the economy today. But some, including myself, are hesitant to put significant sums of money into an investment that seems so arbitrary, and has little inherent […]