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If Inflation is Coming, When Will it Hit?

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You keep hearing murmurs of inflation coming, but still the dollar value remains high and the talks of inflation remain muted since it has not yet materialized. Another fact muting the talks of inflation is that no additional “stimulus” money has been pledged by Ben Bernanke, the charimen of […]

Make Sure Your Business Card Comes with Rewards

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I spend a lot on my Chase business credit card. For that reason, I wanted to make sure I had been set up with a pretty good deal when it came to reward points. What I ended up choosing in the end was not a cash back program or […]

Saving for Vacations

My husband and I do not by any means take elaborate, expensive vacations. In fact, we never even really had a proper tropical honeymoon because we are both too strict with our spending money and we really felt that we had spent too much on the wedding as it was.

So we’re not the […]

What Your Credit Score Can Do For You

Most people associate their credit score with be able to get approved for a loan or being associated with interest rates on loans. Although your credit score does play a big role in getting financing, it also does a lot more than that. If your credit score is in bad shape, it can hurt […]

Refinancing Now Harder Than Ever

I’ve shared the story with you about how my husband and I tried to combine our primary and secondary mortgage a couple years ago and refinance our home so we could get a better deal than the admittedly crappy one we got ourselves into when we bought our home several years ago. Sigh….yes we […]

Multi Million Dollar Home Foreclosures a Sign of the Times

I was stunned to see the volume of multi million dollar homes in foreclosure in a recent report on a news site I was surfing recently.  They had pictures as well, of these stunning homes that were built, some of them never even fully inhabited, that entered into foreclosure after the recession and housing […]

Are We Prisoners of Technology?

For as much as technology has been such a blessing in my life and made my life much easier in so many ways, I also curse it for making me an addict.  I pay my bills online, check my credit card balances, look at my mortgage info (and constantly run the amortization schedule to […]

Section 8 Options Closed Out in Many Areas

In perhaps one of the most startling signs of the times, I found out that Section 8 housing, which may be a term unique to my native Ohio or not, but basically it is low income subsidized housing, has been completely closed out. This has been going on for over a year due to […]

Financial Abundance and the Law of Attraction : Part II

Continued from 2/26/12 : We were talking about how some financial powerhouses like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffette and Bill Gates, Martha Stewart and Steve Jobs started out. How might they have handled self defeating feelings of negativity and doubt?

The thing they’ve likely done is either use those doubts or failings as learning experiences, […]