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Short Jaunts to Feel Like You’re on Vacation Without Spending Tons of Money

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My hubby and I are off to take a very short “long weekend” type vacation to a city that is within two hours of where we live in Ohio – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. While this can hardly be considered the premier vacation spot, to us it is nonetheless something we […]

Why Do Stocks Always Tank Right After You Buy Them?

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I used to listen to the controversial radio show of “shock jocks” Opie and Anthony all the time.   Even though they might be known to the general public as shock jocks, they were actually some of the most intelligent DJ’s to ever host a radio show in my opinion […]

Why Aren’t More Foreclosures Being Put to Good Use?

I have to say, it’s sickening to see all the home foreclosure signs around, knowing darn well that empty, inhabitable space is just sitting around, doing nothing – essentially just taking up space, demanding lawn mowing and grounds keeping, and basically putting a drain on power supplies without any humans in it.

If it’s […]

Everyone Shopping Thrifty at the Grocery Store

I just came back from my weekly trip to the grocery store, and I’m noticing more and more how much more shrewd most shoppers are when it comes to shopping for their groceries. I know that increased shrewdness in prices can be said for many kinds of shopping, but I think it can be […]

In a Penny Pinching Mood?

I don’t know why, but I’ve been a complete meiser with money lately. Well, I sort of know why – business hasn’t been as good as usual. But yet I find myself holding back money even on necessities.

I won’t even let myself think of going on a fun shopping trip or buying something […]

What the New Healthcare Lawn Means for You

It’s interesting that this new healthcare law, or “Obamacare” as it is affectionately termed currently, has generated so much controversy yet almost no one I talk to actually knows what it proposes to do.  Now that I know a little more about it, I can see why there is so much controversy.

The healthcare […]

My Husband Got Hit by Mastercard Breach

So, just one day before the announcement was made by Mastercard and Visa that one of their customer data centers was hit with a massive security breach where millions of customer’s credit card data was compromised, my husband noticed a small, odd charge on his card.

He actually called me at work and only […]