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Getting a Sudden Influx of Credit Card Offers? Do You Have a Balance?

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I’ve written before about how I’ve noticed I get a sudden influx of credit card offers after I either start using my credit cards more often or my husband has applied for something new like a new card or a new line of credit. Well, let’s add this new […]

Have a Wonderful Day Off Today

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Today is Memorial Day, and it looks like it’s gonna be a scorcher out there here where I live in Northeast Ohio. This has truly been an amazing spring already. We fast forwarded from spring directly into summer temperatures, but I’m not complaining. We also happened to have a […]

Facebook IPO : Did You Buy on the Hype?

I’ve talked from time to time about my investments. I have told you that I prefer to invest in single stocks and ETF’s in my own 401k account, so my husband and myself do the self directed option in our respective accounts so that we don’t have to rely on the stock market as […]

Are the Jobs Numbers One Big Mirage?

In a word, yes, the unemployment numbers that we’ve been fed over the past five or so years since it was made apparent our economy was in a tough spot (to say the least), are really a total mirage. What the official unemployment numbers you see and hear all the time tell you is […]

I Got a Visa Black Credit Card Pre Approval : What’s That Mean?

I’ve been getting a slew of credit card offers in the mail lately. What is funny about this is that I think the reason is I’m starting to carry balances on both my personal and business credit cards, so I think they’re looking at me now as someone they can make interest off of.


Unload Your Stuff On Ebay When Broke?

My hubby and I are going through one of those difficult financial periods where it seems like the odds are stacked against us and our financial karma.  We had a whopper tax bill (actually two since our last years last bill and this year’s first bill were due the same day), had a major […]

More and More Couples Living “In Sin”

Of course the term “living in sin” is quite the outdated idea these days.  But when the majority of the American public was Christian or Catholic, the idea of living with your partner before marriage was considered a sin against God.  The idea that you might be sleeping with a person before you marry […]

What Kind of People Make the Best Leaders at Work?

I’ve been listening a lot to this CD I bought for a really good price about two years ago that is basically a conversation with the founder of Whole Foods John Mackey. As you know, Whole Foods is a huge franchise now.

It started off as mainly a hippie-type of store with natural, wholesome […]