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Are These Mortgage Ads Only Annoying to Me? The Hard Sell Mortgage

Jeez, mortgages must be a hot topic right now – at least for advertisers.  If you frequent the Yahoo website at all, which I happen to do, you’ve probably seen several obnoxious, unavoidable mortgage ads with everything ranging from a long animal with all the states in it as squares that you can click on to  see what mortgage rate they can give you in that state, or even this crazy looking demon complete with horns and a tale, playing a heart shaped guitar (yeah, weird).  Anyways, I gotta hand it to them, they do get your attention.

I wonder though, how many people seriously looking for a mortgage would take a kitchy company like this very seriously?  Maybe it’s just me – maybe I’m too serious!  I have to admit, I’ve clicked on them before, just out of sheer curiousity who the company is that’s putting out these crazy ads! 

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