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Are You Born a Businessman or Woman?

An intriguing new study came out that suggests that those that become entrepreneurs in their lifetime are likely that way because of their genetics, not just the way they were raised. Certain inherent personality traits that define the entrepreneurial mindset may actually be handed down through generations, in other words.

If your father or mother, or sometimes even your grandmother or grandfather started businesses of their own, you may actually be more likely to have those same bred-in personality traits and natural inclinations toward being your own boss and creating something for yourself, the hallmark personality traits of entrepreneurs.

I found this information particularly fascinating, because I’m of an entrepreneurial mindset, and my grandmother actually has owned her own business for decades now. Even now, at 86 years old, she’s still flitting about, answering the business line when prospective customers call, worrying about business. It’s kind of funny that I ended up that way, and my father, her son, actually has the same entrepreneurial tendencies as well.

The intriguing part of the study involved fraternal and identical twins, and it was found that there was a thirty to forty percent likelihood that the traits of ambitions related to entrepreneurial endeavors was inherited and genetic, not something that was “learned”. So this is really showing that you may have parents that are entrepreneurs but if you don’t have that genetic makeup, you may not desire it as much or have the traits necessary to pull it off.

Likewise, if your parents both possess these traits, but have never pursued it or have failed, you still may be an entrepreneur at heart and pursue it anyways. It’s interesting to think about, especially in this day and age when more and more people are trying to work for themselves because they are disillusioned with working for a corporation and possibly being laid off, or the perception that they are not paid enough for what they do.

Since they have identified that there is definitely a genetic link to wanting to be your own boss and pursue endeavors that create your own business, they also were curious what the other lifestyle and environment factors were. That is the least clear part of the study, because they couldn’t pinpoint that piece. What they do find is that people who are successful at their own business are usually somewhat extroverted, determined, can be bull headed, independent minded and will stop at nothing.

So, if this sounds like you, you may have a great shot at developing a really successful business.

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