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Better Credit Tip #3

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  • Rick

    Found you via a search on Google.

    Here is my add to the pay your bills on time blog:

    Create a spreadsheet. Create columns for monthly bills, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. Put in each and every bill you pay during a year as they appear in your email/snail mail box. Even those obscure one’s like drivers license renewal etc. Then put down a date that those normally have to be paid. Then pay them a week before they are due.

    This power of paying on time will be a good habit to have for life!!

    I personally pay most of my bills online (but NOT via autopay). The reason for the non-autopay is I had a bill once of $15000 sent to me by mistake from the electric company because their meter reader miskeyed his reading and if I had had autopay then I would be in a world of hurt because concidentally I was paying for a car and happened to have that amount in my account from a loan. I shutter to think of the hassle I would have experienced if it had been sucked out automatically.

    My tip for you.

    Good luck,

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