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Take Care of Your Car and It’ll Last Forever

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I just recently traded in my 2005 Honda CRV for a Jeep Patriot that I got for a solid deal. My car payments are right around $250 which is affordable, but still not as good as having no car payment since my Honda had been long paid off for […]

People Driving Cars Until They Die Now

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I was absolutely amazed when a car salesman told my husband and I about how much the production of new cars had fallen off of a cliff after the infamous 2008 stock market plunge and the ensuing financial chaos that we now know of as our “new normal”.

He […]

Used Cars in Huge Demand

The car industry was heavy-hit in the recession that officially became apparent to us here in the US in 2008. Along with the banks, the auto industry as a whole was “bailed out” by the federal government, much to the dismay of some economists.

While many of the car companies that us taxpayers bailed […]

Cars and Down Payments : Get that Low Monthly Payment!

My husband and I are of the same mentality when it comes to the vehicles in our household. We run them into the ground. We are definitely not the type of people who need to get a fancy new car every time we get tired of the one we have.

We also are not […]

Dealership Offering You a Trade in On that Paid Off Car?

I have a Honda, which I absolutely love.It’s a Honda CRV, the smaller of their two SUV offerings out of the Pilot and the CRV. I don’t absolutely love their newer more sleek model of this car that came out after 2005, when I bought mine brand new, but I love the older, boxier […]

Cars : Keep It Til It Dies!

My motto with cars has pretty much always been “if it gets me from point A to point B, then I still love my car”. Especially if it’s paid off! And that’s what my current car is, still running and paid off for several months now. I own a 2005 Honda CRV, which is […]

Auto Industry Just More Bad News

Although some are saying that the closing of around 800 car dealerships in the wake of the impending GM bankruptcy is what the company has needed now for years after being oversaturated in the dealerships, of course this is not good news for the economy, since more jobs will be lost of course through […]

Ford, GM to Offer Special Car Financing or Price Deals Now?

It looks like Ford and GM, although they said they wouldn’t, may be offering special financial incentives to purchase a vehicle from them, after Daimler Chrysler announced their special pricing incentives on cars to move inventory.

Apparently, earlier in the week, GM or General Motors, announced 0% financing for up to six years on […]

Chrysler to Offer Special Car Discounts

In effort to ousell and outperform rivals Ford and GM, both domestic car manufacturers, Chrysler is said to be offering special discounts and incentives to car buyers soon. So, if you’re in the market for a car now, check out Chrysler cars (although I’m a Honda girl myself).

Set for July, Daimler Chrysler […]

Toyota Cars and Honda Cars Sales Increase in May

With the demand for more fuel efficient and compact cars with the steadily increasing gas prices, two of the biggest foreign car manufacturers, and American favorites, Toyota and Honda, have experienced tremendous sales jumps in the month of May.

Perhaps it is because the summer time tends to be so heavily traveled as […]