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Fed Regulators to Banks : You May Be On Your Own Next Time

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I found this article really fascinating so I thought I would share it. Apparently Fed bank regulators are really trying to make big banks aware that if there is a “next time” when they get into deep trouble where they are finding they may not be able to remain […]

People’s Net Worth Increasing Here?

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In a surprise report, apparently, even though we are still experiencing the effects of a long and protracted recession here in the US, a nd the jobless rate seems to be unmovable, citizens, as well as companies, are stockpiling cash and increasing their net worth.

The problem with companies […]

What’s the Best Way to Save Money for You?

Saving money is extremely important to your financial future and success. Many people don’t realize this, and they literally spend more than they make. Instead of putting away any excess cash they have, they actually spend that money and then some, putting themselves into deeper high interest credit card debt and other types of […]

Smaller Banks Better For Savings Yields?

When it comes to bank’s competitiveness in convenience and value for your money, there may not be a whole lot of competition between the little and big guys. What I mean here is that the bigger banks with a million branches versus the small, more localized banks with perhaps the less sophisticated ATMs and […]

Automatic Overdraft Protection Crackdown

I was wondering if all banks automatically enrolled their customers into some sort of overdraft protection program, because I recently signed up for a new checking account with a very large bank, and they automatically enrolled me in one, and even gave me an automatic credit card that would act as the covering agent […]

I’m Now a Chase Checking Customer

Well, it’s official. I’m now a Chase Bank (JP Morgan Chase) checking account customer. Yep, I’ve migrated from my current bank (although I still also may keep that checking account open as well, for various convenience reasons) to Chase, because it is looking like they will now be my new official single mortgage loan […]

IRS Cracking Down on Oversease Hidden Assets

In these unprecedented times, it’s pretty clear that the government is looking for each and every penny they can scrape out of people for Federal taxes, especially the wealthy, who actually pay the majority of the taxes here in the US because of the disproportionate percentage of their income they pay in taxes when […]

How Do Credit Unions Rate for Savings/Checking?

I remember when I first started my foray into managing my own money, I started my first checking account (which by the way, I still have my checking account through them) at Key Bank, which is a bank that is headquartered just one hour from me, in Cleveland Ohio. It’s recently had some financial […]

Saving Habits Help with Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are probably the biggest issues that effect our state of mind daily. A large portion of our anxiety and stress comes from worries and uncertainties about our financial matters for the present and our futures.

One way to reduce anxieties about money matters is to get in the habit of saving […]

Can You Avoid ATM Fees?

We all hate to pay them, some more than others, myself included admittedly. What am I talking about? Those darn ATM fees that eat up a couple bucks, and sometims up to three to four dollars at some ATM’s, for the privelege of accessing and withdrawing money that belongs to you anyways. It’s kind […]