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Bank of America Low APR Card Ups My Limit

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In an interesting display of trying to win back my using of their credit card, my Bank of America credit card recently sent me a notice that they would dramatically increase my credit limit, enticing me (and yes, it did entice me, but I haven’t used it yet) to […]

Amazon Offers “Amazon Prime”

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Amazon has gotten into the credit card game I noticed today when I purchased a vaccum cleaner from the online retail giant. It’s called Amazon Prime,and it offers a pretty decent interest rate, and the incentive to sign up for the card is a clever one, I must admit. […]

Time to Compare Credit Card Deals?

You know when that time comes. When you receive a credit card statement and your heart drops when you see the amount of interest you’ve been charged for one month has gone up considerably, even though your charges haven’t. That’s when you know, it’s time to start comparison shopping for some new credit cards […]

Discover Card Comes Back with Nice Offer

My boyfriend has been a Discover credit card holder for quite some time now, and actually he is the most happy with this card out of all of his cards (he has a Mastercard, Visa and American Express also).

He likes the Discover card because of the cash back rewards program that it […]

Christmas Shopping & Low APR Credit Cards

Too many people, including myself, tend to go a little crazy when holiday shopping comes around. How can you avoid spending too much, and getting yourself into more and more revolving debt.

Revolving debt is basically any credit card you have unfortunately. It means that unless you have a zero percent APR credit […]

Credit for College

What are the best credit card options to get for a kid in college? Are there any that fit this bill? Well, obviously we all know that credit card companies can really charge a huge interest tab to “high risk” college students who may not have necessarity built the greatest credit record for themselves, […]

Chase Platinum Credit Card Deal

Chase Platinum, which is almost akin to a “Gold” status credit card, which just means you are eligible for better interests rates because you are a better credit risk for credit card companies, is offering a Platinum Low Interest Credit Card Special. Here are the details of this special credit offer that I saw […]

Key Bank Offers Cash Back, Low APR Credit Card

I am actually a Key Bank customer, and noticed the other day when checking my account information online that they are offering a new lower APR credit card with a 5% cash back bonus. So I read on, of course. It’s called the “Platinum” credit card, and it’s a Mastercard.

The Platinum Key […]

Low APR Credit Cards

Well, I know I’ve gotten some really good deals on some zero – 3% APR credit cards recently in the mail. Some of the credit card companies I’ve gotten them from are Chase, Bank of America and Capital One. I already have an active Chase card, as a matter of fact, that is the […]

Late Credit Card Payments Key Sign of Financial Hard Times

Did you know that one of the biggest overall indicators of financial hard times here in the US is an increasing trend in late credit card payments? It’s pretty easy to guess why. If your budgest is squeezed between getting enough gas in the car to get to work to buy your family food […]