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My New Years Financial Resolution

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I have a resolution that has everything to do with finances and financial prosperity for the new year. It’s not gonna be easy, but I’m already halfway there in my mind as to the specific way I need to start thinking about spending money in order to meet this […]

College Student Loan Debt Continued

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Here are those promised tips from the last post on how to help reduce the amount of money you have to take out in student loans.

Many students have the equivalent of a mortgage in student loans when they graduate. If they went to a fancy private school and […]

Pay Down Mortgage or Credit Card First?

I know how there can be a sense of urgency to get a mortgage paid down. Especially when you look at those mortgage interest statements at the end of every year. And also when you look at the calculations that you’d almost rather not see that show the total amount of interest you would […]

Consolidating Credit Card Debt

I remember when I was in a world of trouble just after college with a lot of high interest credit cards, which I always paid on time, but which I kept charging up, being new to credit cards and thinking it was almost like free money.

It wasn’t until after college that I […]

Credit Card Consolidation Loans – Good, Bad?

I can say that as a young woman in college, and racking up a good ten grand in credit card debt – which meant a lot more to me ten years ago then it does now, I felt that I had no other choice than to go to a consumer credit counseling agency. I’m […]

Don’t Act Rich!

I have read a lot of books about getting rich financially, and they almost all have one theme which applies to all of us who were not born into money or had some exquisite twist of fate come our way where money basically just fell in our lap. Let’s face it, how many people […]

Dave Ramsey Mixes Faith with Finances

Dave Ramsey has become quite a phenomenon these days. I first heard of him when a coworker told me she listened to his radio show a couple years ago. Before that, I had never actually heard his name and didn’t know what he did. Then I actually caught his radio show when I was […]

Goal and Priority Setting in Your Finances

Sometimes, when I look at the plethora of goals I have for my financial future, as well as the many times conflicting goals that I have for things like home improvement, self improvement, vacations endeavors, business endeavors and other various goals that your need money to reach, I wonder how I’m ever going to […]

Can You Live on 50% of Your Income to Get Out of Debt?

I should have titled this one to “get and stay” out of debt, however I was a little worried that would be too lengthy a title for it to be read by anyone What I’m talking about is a recommendation by financial experts that of course is not doable for everyone by a longshot, […]

When is It Worth it To Consolidate?

My boyfriend and I live together. We do not share bank accounts as I personally do not believe that to be with someone, even married, that you have to share checking accounts, or even credit accounts. We do have our home we bought last year in both of our names, but even that is […]