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Will America Not Be Number One in a Decade?

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There’s been a lot of talk about America’s final decline from the number one position as an international economic powerhouse, and this talk is appearing to really take some shape in the last year or so.  There seems to be a lot of volatility in the market for example, […]

Could the Cyprus Bank Problem Come to the US?

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There was national attention just a short while ago on the problems that the tiny island of Cyprus was having with their banks virtually on the point of insolvency thanks to them lending so much money to the debt strapped Greece that is still having major financial problems and […]

No New President : Will Obama Continue to Spend?

To many Republicans and fiscally conservative people out there, the election has been quite the disappointment. Obama has earned himself the reputation, however unfair that he is a big spender when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

That is because his Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has authorized endless rounds or quantitative easing, which basically […]

Who Really Would Be Better President for Economy?

What with today being election day (I’m going to the polls today, I hope you are too, this could be a very important election as the next four years are crucial to us), I thought it would be an interesting topic to tackle a question that so many people are asking themselves as they […]

What Happens When the “Fiscal Cliff” Occurs?

So what is all this fuss about the “fiscal cliff” that is looming for the first part of 2013?  It’s basically a bunch of tax cuts and spending cuts that are supposed to come into play in early 2013 that some say will send the US economy back into a recession pronto.

That’s what […]

Watch “Peter Schiff Was Right Again” Clips on Youtube

Peter Schiff is a somewhat polarizing figure in the world of finance and economics. It is because (my opinion) he speaks the blunt truth that predicts things that are going to happen that no one wants to hear about because they sound quite frankly pretty dismal for our financial future here in the US.


Bernanke Says Fed Has No Tools to Avoid 2013 Fiscal Cliff : What Does This Mean?

Ben Bernanke has been a Federal Reserve Chairman that has believed a lot in fueling the economy by pumping money into it one way or another. Whether this means simply by revving up the printing presses and minting more US dollars and money or by buying treasuries or giving taxpayer rebates, the effects are […]

Can the Federal Reserve Really Prevent a New Recession or Depression?

In one resounding answer to this question, the answer is unfortunately NO.  They cannot avoid it. Even with all the trillions of dollars in debt our government has taken on in the name of recession aversion, all we have ended up with is an unstoppable cascade of debt along with the very good potential […]

Just Got Peter Schiff’s New Book “The Real Crash”

I’m SO excited to read this new book I just got in the mail off Amazon (I buy all my books from there, who wouldn’t? sorry brick and mortars but Amazon has you beat!)  It’s Peter Schiff’s new book “The Real Crash : America’s Coming Bankruptcy – How to Save Yourself and Your Country”.


Dismal Jobs Report a Setback in Recovery

Obviously the dismal and disturbing jobs report this past Friday stirred things up. The GOP was absolutely eating it up, seizing on the opportunity to blast Obama and his policies and how he hasn’t gotten us very far in his time as President. Also, ridiculous reports on none other than Fox News were saying […]