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Will the US Postal Service Be the Next Business Bailed Out by Taxpayers?

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It looks like things have gotten pretty sketchy for an American Tradition, a US staple if you will – the USPS or US Postal Service. That handy service that stations several facilities in every major area, delivers your stamped mail and packages, and still has reasonable rates especially when […]

The 2% Social Security Tax Increase Does Indeed Suck

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If you’re like the millions of other working Americans, you no doubt noticed a nice little chunk come out of your paycheck this January.  We all felt the bite. For anyone who lives paycheck to paycheck, you most definitely notice the difference the very first pay it went into […]

When Will Inflation Finally Set In?

I’ve been reading for months now about how inflation is inevitable. There is a big potential for what is called hyperinflation actually, which is pretty scary. It’s the type of inflationary prices that could have you paying five bucks for a loaf of bread and ridiculous prices for such commodities as salt and sugar.


Bernanke Says Fed Has No Tools to Avoid 2013 Fiscal Cliff : What Does This Mean?

Ben Bernanke has been a Federal Reserve Chairman that has believed a lot in fueling the economy by pumping money into it one way or another. Whether this means simply by revving up the printing presses and minting more US dollars and money or by buying treasuries or giving taxpayer rebates, the effects are […]

Banks Being Told They’re On Their Own

I remember reading about this story in the news a few weeks ago. It was actually a very minor “as a matter of fact” news story about how the Federal Reserve quietly told the banks back in 2010 to make sure they had a backup plan for whenever major financial trouble hits the markets […]

Fed Regulators to Banks : You May Be On Your Own Next Time

I found this article really fascinating so I thought I would share it. Apparently Fed bank regulators are really trying to make big banks aware that if there is a “next time” when they get into deep trouble where they are finding they may not be able to remain solvent, they may indeed be […]

Are You Prepared for a “Worst Case Scenario” in the US?

There seems to be increasingly heightened paranoia that the US economy is headed off of another cliff. As the markets wait with baited breath and hang on every word Ben Bernanke, who by the way is a mere mortal just like us, speculation runs amok on whether we are going to have to buckle […]

The Bad and the Ugly

Ok, this is the not so nice part of our two part article on the Good Bad and the Ugly on American finances and economy.  I feel this is really important information and truthfully writing about it is therapeutic for me since it is something that I think about a lot.

The Bad #1:


Economy and Financial News : Good, Bad and Ugly

I figured it was about time to do a little round up and talk about some of the good, bad and ugly things that are going on in the economy and financially for Americans today.  The first on the list is a little something we’ve all gotten used to being almost $4 a gallon […]

Sad Stories of American Wealth Lost

I’ve been reading some really disheartening stuff in the news lately about how the American Dream has been lost to so many families who are struggling to make ends meet and never thought they’d be relying on things like government assistance and food stamps, or facing the loss of their house.

I was just […]