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Feeling Strapped for Cash?

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There are some of us that are lucky enough not to have to worry about how we’re going to pay for Christmas gifts. Those “some” are becoming fewer and fewer though as the economy becomes more unpredictable and people’s credit card debt becomes unmanageable. There are some better options […]

Why So Many “Numbers” Are Misleading

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I find it interesting that the media, and the various organizations that are the number crunchers, like economists, federal employees who put out statistics for the government, and banks, use the numbers that they do to report various happenings in the economic landscape.

First of all, the numbers that […]

College Becoming Totally Unaffordable?

One of the many things I see as changing lately that is not comforting at all, in fact it’s downright distressing to me personally, is that teenagers coming out of high school can almost no longer afford the enormous tuitions of the larger colleges out there. If it’s Ivy Leagure, it’s almost cost prohibitive […]

Colleges Even Cutting Back – on Financial Aid!

Well, when you hear about the credit crunch, which has been hounding the US economy just as badly as the predecessor to the great fall in financials such as the housing market going bust, and the massive foreclosures and job cuts and downsizing, you don’t generally about other, non private sectors of the economy […]

Student Loans High Interest?

With the overall credit crunch, even student loans have become a commodity that is hard to come by, especially when it comes to government or bank funded, purposely low interest loans that were the given only a few years back for students who wanted to start attending college but did not have the cash […]

Loan Defaults Hit High

As of early April, there have been skyrocketing numbers being reported as to how many consumer loans are being defaulted on and how many are also more than thirty days late. Since this is just what some economists think is the beginning of huge job losses, these numbers very well may rise even more […]

Does the FAFSA Really Do What It’s Supposed To?

The government does put forth an effort to help those in need of financial assistance to further their educational background, however, after recently filling out the FAFS form online (Thank God they allow it to be done online now, I remember this thing being a bear to complete fifteen years ago when my parents […]

Talkin’ Bout My Generation….Borrowing More

Wow, talk about a tough economy. Apparently, recent surveys have shown that roughly one in ten baby boomers and middle to getting-up-there agers, are having an especially rough time, turning to borrowing via lending from friends and family, charities or other relief outlets just to pay their bills. Many are relying on parents who […]

Credit Card and Auto Loan Spending Drove March

The results are “in” for April’s spending reports on the American public spending habits, and borrowing habits, and it’s actually what appears to be a bright spot in the otherwise dark doppler forecast for the economy as of late. Apparently, consumer spending and borrowing, mostly in the form of credit card spending and auto […]

Borrowing Among Consumers Slows

Ugh, it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in the crazy economy today, isn’t it? I swear just a few short weeks ago, I read a headline that promisingly claimed that US consumer borrowing was on the up trend. Not so any more according to this latest headline, claiming that no, consumer […]