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To Economically Heal, Americans Need to Get Over the Bigger is Better Mentality

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There are a great many “perfect storm” scenarios that led to the current malaise we are seeing with our economy and former financial power house status of the US.  One of them of course was the great implosion of the housing market fueled by a lot of defaulted loans […]

Have a Safe and Wonderful (and Prosperous) New YEAR!!!

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Medical Bills : Confusing and Overwhelming

My husband just recently had hernia surgery to repair a lower abdominal hernia that he’d been struggling with for a long time. We actually put the surgery off because we were afraid of what the bill might look like. After all – it’s surgery, and surgery is anything but cheap.

You’ve got the doctor’s […]

Penny Pinching Sucks

As much as I’d like to spin it sometimes (and often do, I think it’s part protective mechanism and partly my refusal to be negative and scared all the time) pinching pennies really doesn’t agree with most people. What I’m really talking about is going from one habit of spending to a much lower […]

What Might the Health Care Law Mean to You?

I’ve been struggling to understand what Obama’s latest victory means for us as a society who have health, dental and vision plans under our employers currently.  I know there is a lot of fear-based propaganda out there, of course promoted by the Grand Old Party (GOP) interests.

Mitt Romney has even made it one […]

Have a Wonderful 4th of July

Have a great 4th of July celebration. Enjoy the day off if you have an employer gracious enough to give you this Wendesday off, and make sure you are safe and take care to stay away from the fireworks and remain nestled somewhere in safe viewing distance.

Can you tell I have a slight […]

50k a Year Is Not What It Used to Be

It’s so funny how a mere five to ten years can dramatically change your perspective. Well, let’s add in there that a large chunk of perspective when it comes to money and how much things cost and how far a certain amount of money per year is gonna get you, has a lot to […]

What a Year It’s Been….

Happy New Year PRC Readers! And what a year 2011 was. Sorry I’m a little late in wishing you a happy new year, but as you know, the holidays can be crazy, and you don’t exactly get to relax as the songs say and enjoy family.

Instead, you’re usually worried about shorting people presents, […]

Black Friday Getting Out of Hand

A lot of backlash is occurring over the stores going a bit too far this past Black Friday. As you know, Black Friday got its name because the holiday season, and that shopping day after Thanksgiving in particular, are the times when stores typically get “in the black” and out of the red, since […]