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4 Ways My iPhone Helps Me Stay Financially Organized

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I know that smart phones get a lot of criticism these days for making it a little too easy to avoid human to human contact, or even eye contact for that matter. How many times are you sitting at a restaurant when you see one or all participants scrolling […]

Getting a Tax Return? Use Wisely…

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However, you really need to take the money and seriously consider what it could do for you if you put it aside in an emergency fund, or invested it for example instead of spending it on material things or a vacation. Sure these things are fun, but if you […]

Saving for Vacations

My husband and I do not by any means take elaborate, expensive vacations. In fact, we never even really had a proper tropical honeymoon because we are both too strict with our spending money and we really felt that we had spent too much on the wedding as it was.

So we’re not the […]

What Your Credit Score Can Do For You

Most people associate their credit score with be able to get approved for a loan or being associated with interest rates on loans. Although your credit score does play a big role in getting financing, it also does a lot more than that. If your credit score is in bad shape, it can hurt […]

Credit Score Websites in Trouble?

I read an interesting article headline the other day that just made me have to read the article in its entirety. Good headlining, I’d say! It was something about “are credit score websites committing fraud” or something to that effect, so I figured I would check since I have checked my free credit score […]

Why So Many Lottery Winners Go Bust

It’s amazing when you read some of the stories of how lottery winners, literally some of the luckiest people on the world since the odds are so low that you will ever win anything, least of all the mega millions jackpot, actually end up broke or claiming bankruptcy due to poor financial planning.

If […]

Maxing Out Credit Cards Bad for FICO Score

I read a really interesting column the other day about a guy who was only on social security, a small amount to live on monthly, and he was essentially asking how he can strategically default on his credit cards after maxing them out.

He would “strategically default” on these maxed cards much like […]

Financial Infidelity : Are You Guilty?

When it comes to finances between a married couple, or just a couple who is cohabitating for a long period of time and shares expenses, it really does come down to a matter of trust and mutual respect.

My husband and I try to really keep the lines of communication open when it […]

One Key to Keeping Good Credit

Doesn’t it seem like every time you go to a clothing store, or even a department store, they are trying to get you to sign up for their store credit card at every corner and every register? I have a few stores in mind when I’m saying this, that try to push their store […]

My Credit Must Be Getting Better – Getting Tons of Credit Card Offers!

I think it’s so funny how seemingly arbitrary credit scores and overall credit standing seem to be sometimes. My husband and I are a perfect example of this. I’m just gonna come right out and say it. I’m the higher earner in our marriage. It’s not because my nine to five job pays more, […]