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My Maine Coon Riley!

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Just had to post this picture of the “other man in my life”, Riley my Maine Coon. Took us a couple tries to get him to look up again, but here ya go!

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How is the Government Going to Make Back all That QE Money?

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You’ve seen a few examples of how our US government is going broke lately, and how they’re absolutely going to have to recuperate all of this money that they through out to everyone (and everything) for the multiple Quantitative Easing (QE) rounds that have been instituted.

We’ll definitely be […]

Happy Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day, and it’s been observed as an American holiday where many businesses close to allow their workers to enjoy the day with their families. But it’s way more than just a day off as you know. It’s a day of observance for our fallen heroes who have died for this country in […]


Today is Christmas Day and I wanted to make sure I got a shout out to my readers and wished them a wonderful, happy and safe and secure holiday and more importantly a financially prosperous new year.


Will Money and Credit Cards Be Overtaken by Smartphones?

I love my Smartphone. It’s the iPhone 4 and I absolutely live by the thing. I look at it constantly. I check my emails, surf the internet, check the prices on my stocks and my stock watchlist, check for things on ebay, look up things on Wikipedia, and generally use it as my little […]

Rooting for Marissa Mayer in Her New Job as Yahoo CEO!!

Marissa Mayer is the new face of Yahoo, a long struggling search engine that also offers popular email services, web hosting, financial news (I love using Yahoo Finance, have used it for years for my financial and stock news, and still use it today and will continue to do so), and many other products.


Fear Based Headlines

There is already enough fear out there on everything from global warming to war with Iran, to the impending doom of the economy, to the new healthcare law as being the end of freedoms as we know it.  I wanted to talk about what these headlines usually ultimately mean for us, and whether some […]

Is It Wrong to Envy Those with Deep Pockets?

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately about why I seem to feel pangs of something that I really don’t normally feel and and emotion that I feel makes me feel small and silly : Envy. I’ve been feeling a sort of envy and scorn for those with ridiculous amounts of wealth […]

Are We Prisoners of Technology?

For as much as technology has been such a blessing in my life and made my life much easier in so many ways, I also curse it for making me an addict.  I pay my bills online, check my credit card balances, look at my mortgage info (and constantly run the amortization schedule to […]

Is Romney an Out of Touch Billionaire?

As I get older, I find myself aligning more with the Republican party for their more conservative fiscal and financial outlook.  I find myself less liberal with the ways that federal tax money is spent. I feel like America right now encourages too many people to not work, and I want to change that.