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Big Job Competition Forces Seekers to Go Back for Masters

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Have you noticed lately the ridiculous amount of people who are going back to school to get their masters degrees? It’s unprecedented as far as I’m concerned. I’ve had my good job for over a decade now, and I’m not about to move out of it. God forbid I’d […]

Unload Your Stuff On Ebay When Broke?

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My hubby and I are going through one of those difficult financial periods where it seems like the odds are stacked against us and our financial karma.  We had a whopper tax bill (actually two since our last years last bill and this year’s first bill were due the […]

What Kind of People Make the Best Leaders at Work?

I’ve been listening a lot to this CD I bought for a really good price about two years ago that is basically a conversation with the founder of Whole Foods John Mackey. As you know, Whole Foods is a huge franchise now.

It started off as mainly a hippie-type of store with natural, wholesome […]

Financial Abundance and the Law of Attraction : Part II

Continued from 2/26/12 : We were talking about how some financial powerhouses like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffette and Bill Gates, Martha Stewart and Steve Jobs started out. How might they have handled self defeating feelings of negativity and doubt?

The thing they’ve likely done is either use those doubts or failings as learning experiences, […]

Does the “Law of Attraction” Work for Financial Abundance?

This is part I of a II part article series I wrote that is very near and dear to my heart, because I’ve seen touches of this theme in my life countless times when it comes to my financial prosperity and financial “well being”.  Enjoy!

It seems like everywhere you turn today in the world […]

Is it Worth it to Have a Side Business for Extra Income?

In a word, yes. It is totally worth it to have a side business for extra income as opposed to another typical job where you are working and getting taxes taken out on a weekly basis. It makes more sense to have a small side business in addition to a job instead of getting […]

Is Gold a Good Hedge Against Economic Collapse?

I tried to find a clear cut answer to this on the internet, and was met with a couple brick walls. It seems the most safe bet against the dollar weakening and against any case of economic collapse, buying actual, physical gold boullion of coins is your safest bet.

ETF’s for gold and other […]

Ways to Beat the Other Applicants in Job Interviews, Applications

There are thousands upon thousands of people out of work still today here in the US. Many of them have been out of work so long they fear that the mere fact they’ve been out of work makes them a candidate for shunning from prospective hiring companies.

In fact, there has actually been […]

Starting Your Own Business Sideline : More Doing It

More and more people have become interested in starting a second job, so to speak. No, not really a job, but more of a business, as a sideline to what they already do. Maybe they have a desk job, or some other sort of corporate-like job during the day, and then they go home […]

Jobs for Teens to Be Scarce Again

And to think that I took my junk jobs at Dairy Queen and Burger King for granted when I was a teenager…teens today are having a rough go of it in the job market – even rougher than their adult counterparts, to boot.

With the economic conditions as they are today, and many adults […]