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Home Equity Freezes Lines of Credit

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The current credit crunch together with declining home values in our economy has had yet another far reaching effect. Nationwide, banks have begun to freeze consumer’s home equity lines of credit. In the last several months, banks are starting this practice and consumers who are planning on tapping into […]

Sources of Credit : A History

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Prior to the 1970’s, there were fewer alternatives available to consumers for credit options. There were federal and state regulations that restricted the kinds of lending the financial institutions were permitted to do. With the 1970’s and 1980’s, major changes took place with financial deregulation. Today, there are a […]

Building Good Credit

We all know that in order to get the best loan rates, mortgage rates and general loan rates including car loans, you need to have good credit and be deemed a good risk so that the lender will place a higher value on your business (they know you are more likely to pay them […]

Feds Still Raising Interest Rates

In a process that is going to span a few years, and take place in increments rather than all at once, the Federal Reserve, under the new chairman Ben Bernanke who replaced Alan Greenspan, will take the rate hike in increments, with meetings in between to determine the next step and next interest rate […]

Hi and Welcome to Prime Rate Credit Blog and Credit and Loan Help Site

Hello everyone.  I’m glad you’ve found this site.  I have put this weblog together because almost everyone I know is struggling with debts that seem to be out of their control, and credit card companies just seem to be increasing interest rates, as well as loan rates and mortgage rates.  With all of this […]