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Christmas Shopping Kicked Off – Did you Get Much?

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I’ve been out shopping a few times and I must say that the deals don’t seem to be as fantastic as they’ve been in years past from what I’ve seen. I however am also not the consummate deal shopper when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping […]

Are These Energy “Price Locks” Really a Good Deal?

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We all receive these notices from various energy providers, including our electric providers and natural gas providers, offering us a “great deal” to lock in certain prices for a year or more. But are they really a good deal, or are they just trying to lock you into paying […]

Sticking to Your List

One of the things I always find a bit hard to do, but am finding easier lately, is sticking to my grocery list and sticking to my originally planned grocery budget when I make my weekly trip to the various markets I go to make my grocery purchases.

The reason I’m finding it easier […]

Short Jaunts to Feel Like You’re on Vacation Without Spending Tons of Money

My hubby and I are off to take a very short “long weekend” type vacation to a city that is within two hours of where we live in Ohio – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. While this can hardly be considered the premier vacation spot, to us it is nonetheless something we are immensely looking forward to.


Everyone Shopping Thrifty at the Grocery Store

I just came back from my weekly trip to the grocery store, and I’m noticing more and more how much more shrewd most shoppers are when it comes to shopping for their groceries. I know that increased shrewdness in prices can be said for many kinds of shopping, but I think it can be […]

How Smart Phones Have Changed the Game for Retailers

We live in an age of extremely competitive pricing wars from the retailers we frequent. It’s not always a great thing for the retailers, and for business in general, but we are now fully engulfed in a “we have it cheaper” mentality which Groupon is partly to blame for, and all the other hundreds […]

How to Avoid Over Spending This Holiday on Gifts

We all do it. That last minute scramble to see if we feel like we shorted Uncle Joe, Aunt Sue, or mom and dad on gifts this holiday season. Then we inevitably go out to the stores for one more last “guilt shop” to get some more gifts for those whose gift piles don’t […]

Frugal is the New “Cool”

Being frugal with your finances used to be considered boring and old fashioned. In the age of excess and carefree spending as well as easy credit (albeit many times high interest revolving credit), freewheeling spending was a way of life. All that excess created a booming economy, that’s for sure.

It also created something […]

Are Ridiculous Deals Hurting Our Economy Even More?

With the immense popularity of such programs as Groupon, Living Social Daily Deals, and other local extreme coupons offering 50% off or more on meals at restaurants, haircuts, entertainment and more, it’s no wonder people are expecting too much for too little.

Are these “extreme couponing” sites and methods really hurting the economy and […]

Smart Phones Allow You To Find Great Deals

I love having a smartphone. I think it has actually helped me to improve my financial situation in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it allows me to easily monitor things for my business.

In addition to holding my 9-5 job, I also run a business on the sideline which relies a […]