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Great Credit Card Deals : Target Red Debit Card and Amazon Prime Credit Card

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There was a period of time when I was REALLY dead set against getting any more credit cards. I was fastened to my “no more complications” credo that included not having any more bills to pay in a month than I could put on one little sticky note that […]

Paypal’s “Bill Me Later” Service is Great

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As I had stated in my last post about my discoveries of two great credit deals (credit deals are only as good as your intentions are to pay them off in time to avoid finance charges by the way, I’m not advocating just piling debt on debt and interest […]

Deals on Cars, Furniture Seem to Be Exploding

Boy I’ll tell you, if you’re a bargain hunter at heart, like I happen to be, then the economic turmoil that has turned everyone into a barterer, businessmen and women and consumers alike, then you are in bargain heaven lately. And you’d better enjoy it while it lasts, because I have a hunch that […]

Deals to Be Had in Recession

While a recession and prolonged finanical hardship in the economy are obviously not a desirable thing, there are some silver linings around those deep, dark clouds that the media seems to constantly like to remind us of, even when we are almost in the midst of forgetting, at least for the time being, that […]

Toyota’s Offering a Zero Percent Deal

Auto makers have had it just about as rough as home builders over these past few turbulent months on the stock market and in the general economy, with new car sales going down by as much as thirty percent at many dealerships since consumers are a little jumpy about the state of the economy, […]

Special Interest Credit Cards

There are a variety of ways to mitigate your “losses” from using traditional credit cards. When I say losses, I mean the interest you invariably will pay for the right to charge things that you don’t actually pay for up front or in full.

As far as actually “mitigating” your losses, what I […]

Gas Deals

I’m not sure if they have this in all states, but sometimes this program really saves me a lot on gas money for my car, which happens to be a small SUV. It is smaller, but it still gobbles a little more gas than your average sedan, so I do try to find gasoline […]

“Cyber Monday” Deals?

Are you an online shopper like me for the holidays? I’ll tell you what, I didn’t used to be, until the long lines, and hot malls with overcrowded walkways and even more crowded, stuffy stores, was enough to make me into an online shopper/connisseur quicker than you can say “Cyber Monday”. Anyways, that’s what […]

New “Status” Credit Card Appeal

You know, as with everything else, they just had to make credit cards that would appeal to that small segment of the population that wants everything to be a status symbol, and a super-high end testament to the high lifestyles that some of us like to live. Credit cards are no exception. We have […]

Six Months Same as Cash Popular Financing Option for Furniture

We recently purchased a house, and on top of all the abundance of mortgage information, there are other financing options that you have to look into when buying things that are necessities or “home improvements” for you new home. One of those necessities is furniture and electronics such as TV’s, DVD players and stereos, […]