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ALWAYS Go with the Zero Percent Financing Deals

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Having good credit saves you thousands of dollars over the years. Perhaps even more if you happen to be a high income individual who benefits on many high end purchases from having impeccable credit. This is because it sets you up to receive the best financing deals from everyone.


Keep Heating Bills Low This Winter and Save $

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My husband was just balking at our gas bill for November, which surprised me because we’ve had such a mild winter here thus far in Northeast Ohio. In fact, we’ve barely even had any really big snowfall yet, which has been nice to not drive in but kind of […]

Travelling on the Cheap

In this economy it’s definitely in most peoples best interest to travel as cheaply as possible. This is true whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, but mostly applies for pleasure of course since most people see this come out of their own pocket instead of some companys expense account.

We recently […]

Saving Money on Health Insurance Premiums : Get Your Incentives!

Since my husband and I are looking into every single possible way to save money lately, my eyes have really been peeled when incentives come up for any insurance we pay for, discounts on anything we pay monthly, and other things that over time can save us a considerable amount of money.

That’s why, […]

Sticking to Your List

One of the things I always find a bit hard to do, but am finding easier lately, is sticking to my grocery list and sticking to my originally planned grocery budget when I make my weekly trip to the various markets I go to make my grocery purchases.

The reason I’m finding it easier […]

Have a Wonderful Day Off Today

Today is Memorial Day, and it looks like it’s gonna be a scorcher out there here where I live in Northeast Ohio. This has truly been an amazing spring already. We fast forwarded from spring directly into summer temperatures, but I’m not complaining. We also happened to have a very mild winter.

I wanted […]

More and More Couples Living “In Sin”

Of course the term “living in sin” is quite the outdated idea these days.  But when the majority of the American public was Christian or Catholic, the idea of living with your partner before marriage was considered a sin against God.  The idea that you might be sleeping with a person before you marry […]

My Husband Got Hit by Mastercard Breach

So, just one day before the announcement was made by Mastercard and Visa that one of their customer data centers was hit with a massive security breach where millions of customer’s credit card data was compromised, my husband noticed a small, odd charge on his card.

He actually called me at work and only […]

Multi Million Dollar Home Foreclosures a Sign of the Times

I was stunned to see the volume of multi million dollar homes in foreclosure in a recent report on a news site I was surfing recently.  They had pictures as well, of these stunning homes that were built, some of them never even fully inhabited, that entered into foreclosure after the recession and housing […]

High Anxiety Over Today’s Stock Market Activity

Today is the day. Is the stock market going to respond wildly to the previous downgrade of US debt and credit rating by Standard and Poors rating agency? Or is this going to be a case of everyone crying wolf, and the markets may seem to tank a bit in the morning, only to […]