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Everyone Shopping Thrifty at the Grocery Store

I just came back from my weekly trip to the grocery store, and I’m noticing more and more how much more shrewd most shoppers are when it comes to shopping for their groceries. I know that increased shrewdness in prices can be said for many kinds of shopping, but I think it can be said doubly so for groceries since they are a staple of our lives and everyone needs to buy them.

The comments between couples and co-shoppers I’ve been noticing are “this one’s on sale, let’s get this brand” and things like “no that’s too expensive, we’ll get it next time”. I also see people picking things up and putting them back, as if the item is just too expensive to fit into their overall food and grocery budget.

All of this, including the subtle body language that I see on shoppers tells me that people are still feeling squeezed for money. The layoffs, the increasing feeling in America that something worse than the recession is coming (here I feel like a character from one of my favorite shows “Game of Thrones” saying the winter is coming) and a pervasive mentality that money is scant and needs to be held on to are definitely adding to the overall feeling of poorness in our country.

I watched one woman today that seemed to be seriously considering every single one of her purchases in the produce department. She was still there when I went back several minutes later after returning from several aisles over, still considering her purchases carefully.

Af father of two (only two that I saw with him at least) was shopping and scrutinizing the prices on every item he was considering for puchase, almost as if he were making a large investment on each precious piece of produce, dairy and meat.

I also noticed many senior citizens taking their time to sift through  the lower priced meats, and people picking up more of the marked down produce and meats with the yellow stickers. I myself did that as well. Hey, far be it from me, who is currently cash strapped myself, to pass up a good bargain.

Our world has turned into one where commodities are priced very highly. The price of gasoline has increased, and so the price of all commodities or groceries, has gone up with it. Combine that with a landscape of lots of people still without jobs or not gainfully enough employed, and you’ve got a generations of seroiusly frugal bargain hunters.

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