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Experts Say Things Get Better in 2012, Will They?

I’ve got to admit, even though I am the eternal skeptic when some expert comes forward and says that this mess we are in is going to get better when every piece of financial data here and around the world flies in the face of that assumption, I have to take pause.

It’s healthy to be a little skeptical, but I’m starting to think that I’m really letting the things I read with doom and gloom get to me. It’s beginning to embed in my psyche and chase out the natural optimist I once was, to be brutally honest. I will believe that it will get better when we see a year of GDP increase WITHOUT any government stimulus money.

I’ve read the book “Aftershock” which was the book by three financial experts who claim that things will get as bad as the World Depression of the twenties and thirties before they ever get better. I’m also subscribed to a variety of newsletters where the writers are eternal skeptics and realists, which I’m beginning to question whether this is healthy.

After all, if the world is indeed going to hell in a handbasket, what can we as individuals really do about it? The answer is nothing, other than save our money and be cautious with our investments. We can do what we think is best, be dilligent about keeping up on the latest news, and save for a rainy day.

And that’s about it. Other than that, we can hope the most dire and alarming of the New Year predictions and beyond are simply over blown. That these types of skeptics are only forecasting the absolute worst case scenarios, and that the financial world as we know it will not come tumbling down leaving us all to scramble to pick up the pieces.

The latest forecast by a group of financial experts says that 2012 will be a very rough year in terms of volatility, but overall things will get better. Not sure I buy it 100%, but I must admit, I’m hanging on to any good news after I’ve read so much fire and brimstone types of soothsayer opinion on where we are headed as a nation.

I love this country. I love capitalism. I love that I have the freedom to run my business as I see fit and I get minimum interference from the government in doing so in chasing my dreams. I don’t want to see that, and the dreams of so many other American business owners, dashed because of a global Depression.

And so I am doing the best I can to avoid thinking about it in those terms, and putting some positive energy out there. Or at least trying not to obsess over it. After all, what will be will be and we can only enjoy life as it is, in the moment.

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