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More information portals and merchants for you to browse at your leisure, as promised! There are actually some great information resources in here about mortgages and loans, giving you information on rates that are currently available as well as even giving you a quote on the spot. I’ve actually used services like this in the past, and it’s pretty neat because literally the same day you are usually quoted a rate.

You just have to be careful with services like this, because some may bait and switch, but the good news is, you can always bail out on the loan, mortgage, or credit card if you find that it is a bait and switch business tactic, or if you find the rate you were quoted goes up significantly after credit is ordered.

Another thing you want to be mindful of when getting multiple quotes for loans, credit cards or mortgages online is the amount of times your credit is being hit up. This just means that there is a school of thought that the more companies order your credit report, the more this can impact your credit score.

Some say it should not impact your credit, while others feel that some companies do look at the amount of “traffic” your credit report has seen recently to get an accurate view of you as a consumer and a potential “loanee”, as it may predict your repayment behavior or how much more debt you intend to get yourself into.

Without further ado, here are some more great informational sites for you to visit. If you’re not interested, please be sure to visit our pages on credit as well as our new vast selection of credit cards under “Best Credit Deals of 2007″.