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Below you’ll find friends that offer information and some product offerings as well on mortgage loans, debt consolidation (like those pesky credit cards you’ve been meaning to pay off that have ridiculously high and cost prohibitive interest rates), and even mortgage refinancing loans. What exactly is a refinance of your home loan?

Well, if you have enough equity built up in your home (equity is the money or monetary value of a home after any amounts paid in loans, mortgages, liens, etc. against the home), then you’re in luck if you want to refinance. By refinancing your home, you are basically taking a second loan out against the equity value you have built up in your home.

Take for example someone like my grandmother, who’s owned the same home for over forty years. When she bought the home, she bought it for a pittance, and now, because the area she lives in has built up tremendously, and her neighborhood is a very desirable one that is near freeways and a major mall, her home has skyrocketed in value, regardless of the age of the home.

Never mind that the home is in impeccable shape for it’s age, or the fact that she and my grandfather built and addition on the home, but her home has easily increased by at least ten to fifteen times the original purchase price.

She’s a prime candidate for refinancing. Why do people refinance? Most often it seems they do to do various home improvement projects which can get pricey. Some people just do it to pay off old debt though, like maybe those high interest credit cards. Anyways, enough about my family, you can see some of the financial sources and other destinations below if you’d like to browse.