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Friends of PRC 8

Some more friends of Prime Rate Credit below! But first, let’s talk a little about a subject near and dear to my heart and mind.

This brings me to another topic that we’ve discussed here on Prime Rate Credit, because of the word “friends”. Who of you have friends (I know we all do) who seem to spend every spare dime they have, not having any regard for saving any of it, so that it may grow and flourish in an account for their future?

It’s sad to see it, but many people in their thirties and forties, heck, even their fifties have nothing to barely anything saved in their savings accounts, 401k, or IRA accounts, all of which will eventually need to be tapped if they ever plan to retire from working. Or, maybe they would prefer to work into their eighties!

Most people I know do talk of retirement, but these days, with people living longer and being more able minded and able bodied into later years than before because of improving health care and awareness, talk of retiring at later ages than they used to. It used to be that at 55, many people would have liked to retire, whereas nowadays, most people are looking at 65 as a starting age for their target retirement year.

Is it all because we’re more able bodied and able minded into later ages, or is it really because we need more time for our smaller sums of money to grow for our retirement? It’s a little of both I’m sure, but my sneaking suspicion after seeing so many individual’s lack of concern for socking money away for their future at earlier ages, I think it’s a lot of the latter!

If you’re in your thirties, starting on your retirement savings, investing a fairly decent sum of your income, say 15% if you can afford it, can make you significantly more wealthy when you’re ready to retire because of a neat little concept called compound interest.

Compound interest is a concept that works in reality by building your money up on higher interest rate returns, and by that money then building “on itself” by continuing to add more interest to higher sums of money (which means more money in your pocket in the end). The higher the sum of money in your account, the more interest you are earning because of that higher sum, does that make sense?

So, please if you are in your thirties or even in your twenties, make sure you start saving asap for your retirement. Don’t make the mistake of waiting and playing catchup on the opposite end.

If you start young, you can make more aggressive investmenet decisions that can easily yield percentage points more in interest over the years making you significantly wealthier in your retirement years. You’ll be glad you did come retirement time, trust me!