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At PrimeRateCredit.com, we believe the internet is a vast portal to a slew of good information. We’ve listed some other online information portals below that we think may be of reader interest, in a wide range of topics for your reading and browsing leisure. At PrimeRateCredit, we believe in educating the reader, which is why we started the site on credit cards and general financial well being.

Sure, the focus is on finding good deals on credit cards and trying to keep credit card and other debts under control via smart financial choices, but it’s also about mortgage loans, long term and short term investing such as 401k’s, IRA’s and other retirement funds, or bonds and stocks for more of a short term outlook.

One of the elements of high school that I never understood (and this was way back when), is that they never taught us how to be financially responsible. Sure, they taught us how to balance a checkbook and the basics of finances, but no one ever taught us that it’s bad to go out and get as many credit cards as you want, and charge them all up when you didn’t have the cash laying around to support the payments, not to mention, the revolving interest!

That’s why we’ve also focused on college student credit as well, and how to stay out of that steep mountain of never ending debt.