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Here we have some more recommendations for your web viewing, shopping, and information gathering pleasure. It’s important to know which websites will give you the best information and shopping experience, and these are some portals online that we feel fit that bill.

From green health and energy, which is an ever burgeoning field right now in the way of environment and personal care, to tobacco to the best movers when you’re moving, there are many different merchants online that can offer you the best local experience, and that’s the purpose of these lists we provide.

I can’t tell you how much the internet has enhanced my shopping experience, and made me a better consumer. It makes you an EDUCATED consumer, and that’s the best part.

Whereas before we were at the mercy of word of mouth or nothing at all to go on when hiring people or trying out a service or product, now you can read about a lot of different things online that help save you the heartache of getting the wrong good or service.

A huge win for us consumers, and a well deserved response to our credit and our hard earned money!