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Gas Rewards the Way to Go with Prices Skyrocketing?

Gas reward credit cards are immensely popular already. They may actually be third behind travelling rewards card like airline miles credit cards and generall, all purpose rewards cards, which give you money back for your purchases, or points toward a preselected “store” of goods.

With the price of gasoline on the rise again in the US, compounded by the conflict in Libya, which has quite a bit of the crude oil land that created gasoline, Americans are again feeling the pain at the pump as they start to pay $50 or over again, just to fill their gas tanks.

My husband and I are both spending close to $100 a week now for just our work commute, and that really puts a dent in our discretionary spending, as it does for many other families.

If we had children and other mouths to feed, the pain would be all that much more intense, so I can imagine what people with families are going through to add significant gas expenses to their budget.

The best gas reward credit cards help ease the pain of high gas prices by either giving you points toward free fillups with each purchase, or giving you an alotted amount off of each gallon of gasoline purchased.

Some credit cards issued by major gas stations may also give you perks like free coffees at their station, or free food items, little rewards that are sort of like a sweet icing on the cake.

My personal favorite is my Giant Eagle Advantage Card gas station savings. Giant Eagle is a major grocer out here in Ohio, and they have a gas rewards program that is, in my opinion, ingenius, and very rewarding if you shop there all the time.

For every $50 I spend in groceries, I get ten cents off of every gallon of gasoline at the Giant Eagle gas stations. Luckily, we have two of them within a decent driving distance from us.

Many times I will get up to fifty cents or more off of each gallon very quickly, since I buy a lot of toiletries and other products that I wouldn’t typically buy at a grocery store if I didn’t have this awesome fringe benefit.

Not only do I get money off of every gallon of gas by purchasing groceries at their stores, but I also get “food perks” for purchasing gasoline at their gas stations! So, one reward leads to another, and for every gallon of gas I purchase, I get incremental amounts off of my grocery bill.

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