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Government Adds to Jobs Woes – Great

So I was shocked to learn a few weeks ago that the government was actually the largest contributor to the continuously deteriorating jobs market. Aren’t they supposed to be trying to help the situation? What’s even worse is that I heard the stock market went up that same day that this awful news – that the government was responsible for shedding over 90,000 jobs, and that it went up because people were expecting the government to step in even more to prop up the economy after the news.

Wait a minute. Is this all backwards, or is it just me? They first take away a record amount of jobs in one month, unexpectedly to the majority of us who are not in the know, and then they are going to step in and pump more money into the economy? How about not getting rid of those 90,000 plus jobs? Would that not have been a great start?

What’s even more troubling to me is that the stock market jumped up on the news. Excuse me? Since when does the stock market get excited when the government may have to infuse yet more money into the economy? Is that not a sign of a weak economy that cannot stand on it’s own without big government spending? I mean, wth is going on here?

I think for me that the biggest troubling part of this whole economy and stock market relationship is that people seem to get excited and buy stocks and trade more often on them when there is bad news. Everything now is so counterintuitive and it seems investors are just plain old confused. I know I certainly am. What will it take to get the economy on a REAL path to recovery? Has anyone in the government thought of that or not?

I think that the next president should be someone with a great business sense, and no I’m not backing Donald Trump if he runs, which is the rumor that he’s thinking about running for president in 2012, but I think that someone who has a proven track record should be our next president. I’m not so sure that Obama is the man for the job at this point.

I don’t agree with the healthcare bill, I think it may do more harm than good (many companies have already had to get rid of their health benefits for certain workers in anticipation of it, that’s just not good, and it’s going to be more expensive for big business, which means more employers may be shedding jobs to make up for it).

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