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Lowes Credit Card 18 Months or 5% Off Deals

My husband and I are on a huge home improvement kick. It used to be that we would dread mowing our acre lot and tending to the multiple flower beds when we first moved in because it was overwhelming to us as first time home owners.

But now that we’ve painted inside and gotten a lot of the indoor stuff done that we wanted to, we really wanted to start concentrating on building up a woodsy look on our lot, and doing overall improvements to our land so that when eventually we do sell, it will look terrific and be desirable.

Not only that, or more than that, I want a home that I find is appealing, private and beautiful, and making your outdoors appealing in the summer is one way I can do that. So, we stopped at a local Lowes home improvement store, and started looking at a few things we’d been thinking of buying.

One was ceiling fans. We needed to install ceiling fans in several rooms. The other was trees, shade trees, pines and fruit trees for our lot to help fill in some of the gaps that were left by the previous owners. We love our privacy, and trees are a great way to add to curb appeal as well as to add a lot more privacy to your home.

When we were in the ceiling fan department, a great saleswoman approached us and asked if we needed help. She was great because she wasn’t pushy, yet really helped us out. She told us about the current 18 months same as cash (no interest) promotion they had if we signed up for a Lowes store credit card. I’m averse to applying for credit cards usually, but this sounded like a great deal.

You got the choice between getting 18 months no APR, or getting 5% off your total order. Since we were already getting a percentage off on our fans and our trees, we decided to go with the 18 months same as cash deal, and we signed up as new card holders for the Lowes store credit card.

This is a great deal, because it allows homeowners to buy significant amounts of home improvement material, and make payments on them instead of blowing a wad of cash all at once. It’s a lot easier for us to budget for these improvements when we know if we’re dropping $800 or something to that effect, we don’t have to come up with that cash, but rather, we can budget it over that APR free period.

We’re really happy we applied for this credit card, and ended up signing up for this card, as this allows us the freedom to do some home improvements we’ve been itching to do. We just didn’t have the lump sum cash to do them.

The Lowes credit card usually has 6 months same as cash, but they offer promotional periods where you can get 12 months or 18 months same as cash, depending on what time of the year you come in. We probably got the 18% deal because we signed up over Memorial day weekend.

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