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More and More Couples Living “In Sin”

Of course the term “living in sin” is quite the outdated idea these days.  But when the majority of the American public was Christian or Catholic, the idea of living with your partner before marriage was considered a sin against God.  The idea that you might be sleeping with a person before you marry them was quite shocking and scandalous back in the day of old fashioned values.

But these days are different. We live in an era where economic functionality and practicality simply have to overshadow a lot of these old time beliefs from an outdated and antiquated idea that people should live a certain way because a book or God says so.

It’s a commonly known fact that lots of young people are waiting to get married these days. It’s simply not as high of a priority to people nowadays and there are so many other ways to meet people and fall in love than there were before.

The thing is that people now need to cut down on their cost of living and so they make the choice of reducing their expenses by cutting their living expenses in half.  My husband and I actually lived together in a rental for a long time before we got married. We also bought a home together (the first house we both ever bought) before we were married.

Some people thought we were nuts – me in particular because “I’m the woman” and I guess that means I shouldn’t feel like I can take care of myself.  They thought we should have that piece of paper before we took one of the biggest plunges of our life which was buying a home.

The simple truth of couples “living in sin” together these days is that it just makes more sense financially for both parties.  You can save hundreds of dollars by living with someone else and splitting the cost of the rent.

Not only that, it makes more sense with all the bills that come in for a rental or house.  You’ve got utilities such as electric and gas, cable bills, phone bills, garbage disposal bills and simply keeping up with the maintenance and cleanliness of a place. It’s expensive just to LIVE these days!

Then you have groceries, furnishings, and all the other things that go with simply living.  If you could split this cost with someone, it would save you a boatload of money. And your partner too.


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