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My Husband Got Hit by Mastercard Breach

So, just one day before the announcement was made by Mastercard and Visa that one of their customer data centers was hit with a massive security breach where millions of customer’s credit card data was compromised, my husband noticed a small, odd charge on his card.

He actually called me at work and only mentioned it in passing because we both do so much business on our credit and debit cards that half the time we can’t remember what we’ve charged and haven’t charged. Also, sometimes things you buy go under a different name on the card than what you’d think, so you kind of get used to seeing stranged things on there that really don’t mean anything.

I actually felt silly one time, calling and thinking that something was fraud when really it was something totally legit that I had charged myself.  So, my husband kind of that this charge, which was a small charge for just over two bucks that showed as “VT Tax” on his statement was something added to one of his recent orders for shipping or taxes.

We agreed he would monitor his credit card, and he did. And the very next day, when the announcement came out by Visa and Mastercard, he started to see charges go through for things like cell phone providers and the GAP clothing store. He knew that those were not his, so he ended up being a victim of the identity theft that is considered one of the largest breaches in history.

He called Mastercard and they said they would overnight a new card to him. The thing is, it’s a real pain when you’re a victim of identity/credit card theft. These days, you have so many autobills and payments connected to certain credit cards and accounts that when you have to get a new number, you also then have like ten more steps to change the number with all the vendors you keep the card with to pay monthly bills.

It’s a royal pain.  It’s really scary that the breach was so large too.  The good thing is that those breached will not be held responsible for the bogus charges, they just have to make sure they call it in and report it so they can stop it as soon as possible.

Scary stuff people!

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