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Short Jaunts to Feel Like You’re on Vacation Without Spending Tons of Money

My hubby and I are off to take a very short “long weekend” type vacation to a city that is within two hours of where we live in Ohio – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. While this can hardly be considered the premier vacation spot, to us it is nonetheless something we are immensely looking forward to.

I dare say I’m looking forward to this as much as I would be some tropical vacation right now, because we are both so burned out on our jobs and on life in general that just getting away from it all is going to do us a world of good.

Sometimes you get to that point, where just getting a cheap hotel somewhere and getting out of your house and away from all the diversions and busy stuff you have going on when you’re at home and working too is like nirvana.  We’re there right now.

This trip will not cost us a lot of money either.  We’re going to a convention as well, which will be something that’s good for my business and is a side interest of his as well, so it’s a business and pleasure trip. We will spend little money on food as we are not going to fine dine the entire time, but rather go for value than fancy.  It’s even better because we can use the business credit card and garner rewards as well for some purchases.

We’ve also gotten a convention rate on our hotel, and since we are taking this trip to enhance our business and gain new contacts, we can also offset our taxes because it is a business trip. Now, everyone knows that doesn’t make it free, but it certainly makes you feel less guilty about “getting away”.

With the way the economy is today and the high jobless and underemployed rate here in the US, there are actually some pretty good travel deals right now. So it’s the perfect time not only for elaborate paradise-like vacations, but also for the small getaways like we’re doing this weekend since local hotels and restaurants are also hurting for business and will extend their greatest deals to travelers to entice them.

Another money saving tip on these short, cheap jaunts away from home is to eat a larger breakfast and skip lunch, waiting until dinner to eat again. This can save you anywhere from $20 to $40, depending on where you eat for lunch – especially if it’s a sit-down restaurant you’re going to.

Often times when you’re travelling, you have a later breakfast anyway, so this strategy can work out very well for people who don’t need to eat their three squares a day. Now for people who are early risers on vacations, staycations, or close-to-home vacations, this may not be a great strategy.

I for one, cannot wait to get away. Sometimes just the prospect of being in a hotel, not having to do home chores like dishes, laundry and cleanup after yourself all day is like heaven in and of itself.  I’m awaiting my little 2 hour vacation eagerly!  Especially since I’m pretty burnt out at work lately.  Just need something new and refreshing to get my head back in the game.


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