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Jobs Report Good News for Americans

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We’ve finally gotten some good news in the form of jobs reports that actually seem like the economy may be digging itself out slowly from the economic turmoil that has emblazoned a path through the last several years of our lives.  This time, it feels good and right, except […]

Fear of Economic Collapse Justified?

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It seems that more and more Americans are fearful of an impending economic collapse as new problems present themselves to our already weakened infrastructure. Are these fears justified? Or is it more a part of an increasing hysteria due to increased amounts of bad news coming out of the […]

People Reigning in Spending Again?

Well, it seems that just as we all breathe a sigh of relief (especially those of us who own businesses which are largely reliant on consumer spending, but then again, what business isn’t) and think that Americans are loosening their purse strings, we get jumpy again about the economy.

Then, people start to reel […]

Americans Tired of Being Thrifty?

Well, if there’s anything good to be said about the American mentality on shopping, spending, and enjoying their hard earned money, it’s that this mentality has turned the US into the biggest capitalist society on earth. Essentially, consumerism has made America the land of opportunity.

That, and it’s enabling sense toward small business and […]

People’s Net Worth Increasing Here?

In a surprise report, apparently, even though we are still experiencing the effects of a long and protracted recession here in the US, a nd the jobless rate seems to be unmovable, citizens, as well as companies, are stockpiling cash and increasing their net worth.

The problem with companies doing this though, is that […]