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Make Sure Your Business Card Comes with Rewards

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I spend a lot on my Chase business credit card. For that reason, I wanted to make sure I had been set up with a pretty good deal when it came to reward points. What I ended up choosing in the end was not a cash back program or […]

New Info : Popular Credit Cards Today

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We’ve put together a page on the most popular credit cards today as we know them. I’ve written a lot about changing legislation and how it has impacted not only debit cards, but also credit cards and the way these credit card companies have had to switch their business […]

Cars and Down Payments : Get that Low Monthly Payment!

My husband and I are of the same mentality when it comes to the vehicles in our household. We run them into the ground. We are definitely not the type of people who need to get a fancy new car every time we get tired of the one we have.

We also are not […]

Gas Rewards the Way to Go with Prices Skyrocketing?

Gas reward credit cards are immensely popular already. They may actually be third behind travelling rewards card like airline miles credit cards and generall, all purpose rewards cards, which give you money back for your purchases, or points toward a preselected “store” of goods.

With the price of gasoline on the rise again in […]

Are You Happy with Your Job?

It seems the job unhappiness is a rapidly spreading problem today. It’s no wonder though. With the current jobs market, even if people are totally unhappy and unfulfilled at their current jobs or careers, they feel “trapped” into them because they feel like there are really no better options out there today.

And often […]